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Yves Girard Madoux

(Chignin 73800)


Yves Girard_madoux

The vines of Yves Girard Madoux have one of the most beautiful views of the mountains!
The vineyard represents a few hectares in the commune of Chignin in Tormery. The operation is committed to a level 3 environmental certification, qualified as “High Environmental Value”. Certification based on performance indicators relating to biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy and fertilization management.
Yves took over from his father in charge of the vineyard in 1988.


Anxious to work the vines differently, he began by weeding his soil mechanically with his father's old plows and noticed the impoverishment of his soil. He then took evening classes in the presence of experts and became passionate about the cultivation of the vine in its natural element...
Several times medalist and always amazed by the fact, Yves is a well of science, he talks to you about his job and the vine, he delights with his inexhaustible knowledge and his wine produced so naturally in the rules of the art!

Our wine list is rich in representing more than 12 references from this great Monsieur du Vin, discovered during a tasting day at the farm.


Yves spoke to us about his vineyard as a woman, he is a winemaker like no other who draws attention to the essentials, the life of the land and its repercussions on our consumption!  


Health to all!

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