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History of the Sire
An exceptional panorama for a majestic site ...

In the 1950s, the "La Féclaz" resort hosted one of the first ski lifts in the Alps.

It was built at the Sire, on the slopes particularly well exposed Nivolet, facing the Bourget lake.

Marked by tragic events ...

The Second World War in the Alps - June 10, 1944
Four days after the Allied landings in Normandy, German soldiers encircle and invest the plateau of Revard and La Féclaz.
This operation causes the death of 72 soldiers of the Wehrmacht, but costs the life to 20 maquisards A.S. (Secret Army) and F.T.P.F. (Francs-Tireurs and Partisans Français) and 16 peaceful lumberjacks murdered at their place of work.

That day, some Savoyards conscious of their duty participate in a glorious but bloody episode of the struggle for the reconquest of our freedoms. They had the feeling of risking their lives at the same time as many Allied soldiers fallen on Norman soil and the population of Oradour Sur Glane massacred by the SS of the "Das Reich".

For the memory, their names are engraved in the stone of the monuments to the dead of the Resistance of Féclaz and Aix les Bains and the steles of Revard and Sire.

(Récit de Monsieur Aimé Pétraz – résistant savoyard 1925-2014)

Then the renewal ...

In 1969, the city of Vanves opened its summer camp at the Sire to host classes of snow.

The chalet du Croc has been operated by the town of VANVES since 1969, with several generations of people from Vanves, succeeding each other and having undergone extensive development work in 1987.

Its capacity of reception is 35 places. The first class of discovery, in France, was at the initiative of Max Fourestier, inspector of the school, resulting from an unprecedented experiment of half-time teaching.

It took place in January 1953 at the cottage of Aurora in LA FECLAZ, (structure now operated by the Federation of Lay Works), with 32 students of the class M.DISCOURS - school GAMBETTA - VANVES.

The Chalet history

Madam Louise Pachoud known as "Pépé" acquires the land before the chalet building in April 1964 with the Massard-Combe and Radici families.

She installs a café, a small restaurant to welcome skiers and hikers who come to comfort around delicious local specialties in winter as in summer.

At the time, holidaymakers and local snow classes, Chambéry but also the people from Lyon region come to enjoy the site of the station which is one of the closest urban access.

The first building was nothing but an "Adrian's hut"
What is that?
Louis Auguste Adrian, born in Metz, was a Polytechnic engineer and a French military steward known for having produced the "barrack Adrian", a dismountable military barracks.

And besides, during the war of 14-18, these barracks served as field hospitals.

In 1983. Louise Pachoud built a "hard" construction on the same foundations, in order to install the "Bar-restaurant du Sire".

In 1996, the restaurant is fully dressed with old wood and becomes "Le Chalet du Sire"

In 2011, Didier and Linda take over the Chalet du Sire and thanks to the quality of their cooking and the warmth of their welcome, they make the establishment a renowned restaurant, unanimously recognized and appreciated.


Sissi and Alain, new buyers, have been loyal to the restaurant since it was taken over by Linda and Didier.

Passionate about cooking and catering, they were looking for a place to settle in the Bauges area.

In 2019, idier left the kitchen to Laurent, the new chef.


Tel. +33 479 258 033


Le Sire, near Nivollet cross

FR-73230 La Feclaz

RCS: 848 541 470 00011



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Access from Chambéry : (VRU exit 18) direction Massif des Bauges, then la Féclaz.


Access from Aix-les-Bains : (A41 exit 14) direction Le Revard, then la Féclaz.