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Herbalism in Organic Agriculture

(Le Walnut 73340)


Here in the heart of the Bauges massif, in Savoie, on a territory that emerged from the glaciers more than 12,000 years ago, there is a farm like no other...


Florence and Clarisse pick and transform the flowers and plants of our mountains and release their aromas and virtues in the form of an aperitif or infusions.

Plants freshly taken from our pastures or from neighboring crops are delicately dried between 30 and 35 degrees before being carefully blanched (artisanal work which consists of removing the stem of the plants by hand) then being prepared on site for a future consumption of herbal teas or aperitifs.

The Chalet du Sire maintains a friendly relationship of trust with the fairies of the Herbier de la Clappe.


We work hand in hand to offer you a selection of virtuous infusions or beverages with delicious flavors in line with the manufacturing quality that we love and the natural values that we want you to appreciate.

The people who work here have in common the chance to live in a rich and preserved natural environment.


Cohesion and mutual aid are among the essential values in the Bauges massif, we are also grateful to have the support of the representatives of the park and the municipalities but also that of the thousands of people living in this beautiful territory.

Common sense is near us


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