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heart of the wallows

(Lescheraines 73340)


La fruitière des Bauges

La Fruitière de Lescheraines is a traditional mountain cheese dairy. 
“Fruitière” is the name given to the establishment which collects milk from animals, the fruit of human labour.

This establishment in the town of Lescheraines has recently become part of a geographically expanded cooperative called "Coeur des Bauges" bringing together several local dairy producers in the same spirit of quality for the manufacture of cheese and in particular the famous Tome des Bauges AOP ( Protected designation of origin)

Mathieu Lepaumier, our privileged contact, fell in love with Bauges in 2016, sought out by local producers for his qualities as a manager and one-man band in the field, he became director of the only cooperative that operates under direct management.


This management format guarantees all the decision-making power to the producers brought together in the form of a cooperative managed by Mathieu, which ensures competitiveness against industrial producers, with the support of representatives of rural municipalities to protect the unique terroir of the Massif des Wallows.

The Fruitière de Lescheraines and the Chalet du Sire have been cultivating a quality relationship for more than 20 years. So many good products centralized on a single point of sale near the restaurant represents a godsend for making all the mountain cheese recipes that our chef prepares with love and respect for the seasons.

The cooperative supplies the Chalet du Sire with several hundred kilos of cheese throughout the year.

Cheese is life, as they say here!

La tome des Bauges
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