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The butcher of Nivolet

(Voglans 73420)


Pierre-Jean le Charcutier

Pierre-jean Oller is a young pork butcher who started this fine profession two years ago.


Alain and Sylviane from Chalet du Sire met him at the very beginning of his activity, they bet on the man for his vision of the profession, his rigor, his expertise but above all for his unfailing desire to work with meat from quality exclusively with catering professionals.

The Chalet du Sire was the Nivolet charcutier's first client. 

Between two slices of sausage and after a few professional exchanges concerning the respective requirements of the two professions, specifications were drawn up between Alain and Pierre-jean, thus defining the source of the raw material and the emblematic recipes. An established trust now reigns between his two lovers of good food.


For the next Easter holidays, the restaurant of the Chalet du Sire and Pierre-Jean Le butcher of Nivolet prepares festive dishes for you, On the menu: French lamb of the best quality!

The Nivolet charcutier selects the free-range pigs for the restaurant from the meadow, animals raised in the open air under the col de l'épine.

The pigs are prepared and subjected to meticulous cutting, their tasty flesh will be transformed into bacon for the Savoyard farçon, golden ribs for the plancha, flesh for the Baujue terrine and head cheese for the aperitif platters, we also make our plain diots (or with snails from Nivolet) as well as salted pork served with organic Le Puy lentils (a fine dish that comes out of the classic "diot Polente" for the pleasure of gourmets)


"Everything is good in the free-range free-range pig" retorts Pierre-jean


Reservations are open on the restaurant's website. 

Les Rosettes du Charcutier
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