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At the sources of bread

(Le Walnut 73340)


Nathalie la Boulangère

Nathalie created her activity in 2011, after a traditional agricultural training to be a peasant baker.

In 2013 she moved to the town of Noyer between the Col de Plainpalais and the town of Lescheraines. A small farm, a wood oven and an iron will are enough to start producing good organic bread.
In 2017 she set up her new bakery "at the sources of bread" between the walls of an old building which she restored with taste, Nathalie makes her bread there and many other delicious biscuits, breadsticks, financiers in an artisanal way. Today it has a wood pellet oven and sources the flour from expert partners.

Natalie's job? produce organic bread in a traditional way, while rigorously applying production and operating processes: A clear classification of products (sourdough breads, brioches, cakes, buns, etc.) with growing demand from its customers, our baker adapts intelligently to the rapidly changing organic market.

For Nathalie, doing organic is not enough, beyond a health guarantee, the main thing for her is to produce healthy and quality bakery. 
half of its production is sold in shops at Le Noyer and the other half is distributed in stores or organic groceries from Pontcharra (38) to Chambéry (73) via Montmélian and Aix les Bains.

The Chalet du Sire is a privileged partner of the bakery, for Alain as for Nathalie, it is very stimulating to work as a pair in a good commercial spirit! Alain, owner of the Chalet du Sire, gets supplies daily directly from the bakery on the way to his restaurant.

Among the choices of the Chalet du Sire are the multi-grain sourdough bread, the baguettes on toast with the eggs cocotes with wild garlic and the 120G Organic Bun which makes up the Burgers of the Chalet du Sire. 
Alain provided Nathalie with his specifications beforehand, several tests are then carried out in
  laboratory for optimum results. 
Today the Chalet du Sire Burger, entirely prepared for the restaurant with fresh quality products, is the pride of Alain and Nathalie.
The relationship between the restaurateur and the baker is lived in complete transparency: At the Chalet du Sire, each bread basket mentions the contact details of the bakery “Aux sources du Pain”

The DNA of the Chalet du Sire: Savoie cuisine, family and simple with local or organic products (or both ;-)

Le pain au levain
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