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Michel Bouvet

(Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte 73250)


Michel Bouvet

The Bouvet farm is located in Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte in Savoie, in the heart of generous nature and rich soil that allows the cultivation of potatoes. 

The Bouvet family also owns a horse farm and a few plots of vines.

The story is beautiful between Michel Bouvet and the Chalet Du Sire restaurant: Michel went to La Féclaz to make himself known, we tested the quality of his products, since then he has become the main supplier of potatoes for the steam cooking with a consumption of a few tons over the year, and this continues to increase!

The Bouvets have chosen sustainable agriculture and, if we sometimes find a few small black marks in the hollow of their potatoes, this is a sign that the little earthworm is flourishing in fertile soil, without unnecessary treatments.

The "José" produced by Michel is an old variety of potato which holds up very well to steam cooking, it is used for dishes such as Matouille or gourmet fondue on the menu of our restaurant.


The potatoes are planted once a year in April and harvested in August, they are then stored in a temperate cellar, ideal for conservation.

Bouvet farm recipes by Sylvie:

Here's how we prepare potatoes on the farm: cut the potatoes into slices, mix with garden herbs, good olive oil, coarsely cut onions, and hop, we bake for about thirty minutes at 180° .

Potatoes cooked with the scent of diots and vine shoots: you will have to find a nice family cauldron. Place the vine shoots at the bottom of the cauldron, pour a few liters of Chignin white wine, cover with two rows of potatoes and a round of diots, cover everything to cook over a wood fire for an hour.

The simplest things are often the best.

Les patates de Michel
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